Consulting Services

Leela Consultancy's IT consulting service will combine with the customers' own internal resources to examine, analyse and assess individual areas of the IT infrastructure and services, (hardware and software consultancy), and its efficiency. Leela Consultancy will also work with the customer to design sound, relevant approaches to act as a solid foundation for the customers' business objectives.

Areas where Leela Consultancy's IT consultancy services will also help to include application integration, consolidation, virtualization, data recovery and data storage. Leela Consultancy's IT consulting services will optimise the efficiency with which the customer can manage, protect and utilize its data, services and infrastructure, with secure access to business-critical information at will and from any location and on any device.

Leela Consultancy will provides the crucial advice, assistance and guidance, based on extensive experience, to create practical IT consulting strategies that fulfil business objectives and also ensures a full knowledge transfer throughout the entire consulting project.

If your organisation faces any of the following issues then Leela Consultancy services will help your business:

  • You need a whole new IT strategy or wish to improve a specific area of the infrastructure
  • You have specific projects that need to be completed but you lack the skills and expertise in your own resource
  • You want to extract more performance and efficiency from your hardware and software
  • You require an effective strategy for developing an online presence for your business
  • You need assistance with assessing the suitability of cloud technologies for your business and selection of the correct products & services together with delivery of cloud computing projects

These are just a few of the areas where Leela Consultancy may be of assistance. We will provide:

  • Alignment of IT strategy with business objectives
  • Risk reduction and cost saving using practical advice and guidance
  • Understanding of exactly where innovation can provide greater availability and reduce cost
  • Services of highly skilled and experienced IT consulting professionals to assist with design and implementation
  • Website design, development & maintenance in conjunction with your marketing team
  • Delivery of IT consultancy in online presence across the areas of social networking usage, online presence efficacy, email marketing, AdWords, analytics, security, optimisation & content distribution
  • Cloud computing consultancy: cloud suitability assessment, implementation methodology, migration project management, vendor selection and assessment

A few Consulting Services we can assist with:

  • Project management
  • Server resource analysis
  • Network consultancy
  • Communications technology consultancy
  • Data backup assessment
  • Business continuity consultancy
  • IT security
  • Storage assessment
  • Resource analysis
  • Infrastructure virtualization
  • Infrastructure consolidation
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Infrastructure resource analysis
  • Database administration
  • Database optimization