Support Services

Leela Consultancy aims to give the customer swift access to the services of highly skilled and experienced IT support personnel. We can provide the services of individual personnel or teams. Crucially, by means of one support services contract, the customer will enjoy the comfort of a single point of contact when assistance is required and the confidence of knowing that practical, high quality help is readily at hand.

If your organization faces any of the following issues then Leela Consultancy's support services can help your business:

  • Your organization already has a myriad of different support contracts for different areas and dealing with these contracts has become a significant administrative burden
  • You are unclear whether you are adequately or over covered for each area of your IT infrastructure
  • You would like additional technical expertise and guidance to supplement your own resource or you require support outside your organization’s normal operational hours

These are just a few of the areas where Leela Consultancy's may be of assistance. We can provide:

  • Assurance that your IT infrastructure is adequately but not over covered
  • Coordination of all your support agreements within a single agreement
  • Removal of the burden of dealing with many contracts by utilizing a single frame agreement
  • Services of expert IT professionals from a carefully vetted team to work with you across numerous technologies and help solve your IT problems on a timely no-fuss basis, 24×7 if required

We will be able to offer IT support services in tiers:

  • Software and hardware maintenance- which encompasses critical cross-vendor components and which provides expert call escalation to resolve problems and also deals with inventory management
  • Technical support services- which go on to provide access to the services of key, highly skilled IT consultants, individually or in teams, with experience in working with networks, security processes, server and storage systems and related software and who can also offer assistance with clustering technology, operating systems, firewall configurement and improving backup processes
  • Consolidated support services- combine the above with contract consolidation, providing the customer with one single support centre covering numerous technologies and vendors